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Engaging in acts or practices that could potentially hurt yourself or someone else is strictly prohibited. Please read over the following rules carefully, and adhere to them closely.

  1. No real knives, firearms, or other weaponry. 

  2. Always wear proper safety equipment. This includes eye and face protection. This can either be a full facemask specifically designed for paintball or airsoft, or appropriate goggles and a face covering. 

  3. No playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

  4. No firing in "Safe" zones. While in a safe zone, remember to keep the safety on and remove any ammunition from the weapon if possible.

  5. Never remove your face or eye protection during an active game. If you notice someone has removed their face or eye protection, call for a cease fire immediately and inform staff. Never fire on a person who has removed their face or eye protection.

Failing to adhere to the above safety protocols will result in penalties and, depending on the severity of the infraction, you may be asked to leave.


In order to play, you will need the following equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment

A full face mask designed for paintball or airsoft, or appropriate impact resistant goggles with an accompanying face covering, are required to play. In addition to this, we recommend that you wear loose fitting clothing consisting of pants, a long sleeve shirt, and closed shoes. Any additional protection is allowed but optional.


The BB's used must be between .20 to .31 grams. The only exception to this rule is long ranged snipers, which may use .41 gram BB's under the assumption they will be firing from distances of 100 feet or greater. Metal BB's are strictly prohibited.

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns used in play must adhere to our muzzle velocity policy, which is as follows.

  • For BB's weighing .20 to .25 grams the muzzle velocity must not exceed 400 feet per second or 325 feet per second for close quarters combat.

  • For BB's weighing .25 to .31 grams the muzzle velocity must not exceed 350 feet per second or 325 feet per second in close quarters combat.


Call your Hits.

A hit constitutes any hit on your person. If you are hit, yell out "Hit" or "Dead" and raise your gun over your head before leaving the area. You may return to the area after touching a "respawn" point, depending on the type of gameplay.


No Cheating.

Remain in the bounds of the game while playing, and don't fake being out in order to  score a kill. If you are out, do not fire at other players. Do not share information about an active game that might affect the outcome after being eliminated. 

No Blind Fire.

Always make sure that you can see what you are shooting, and that you are shooting at an intended target. 

No in game arguing.

If you have an issue with another player, or believe that another player is cheating, inform staff. Do not start arguing in the middle of a game.


Laser Sights.

Laser sights are allowed in play, but avoid pointing them at the face or eyes. 

No Physical Contact.

Grappling other people or grabbing their weapons or equipment is strictly prohibited. If using an approved melee weapon, be sure to touch, don't stab or strike.


No Time Outs.

Only staff can call a time out during an active game. The only exception to this is in the case of an emergency in which property or personal well being is at severe risk. 

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