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2. Equipment

In order to play, you will need the following equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment

A full face mask designed for paintball or airsoft, or appropriate impact resistant goggles with an accompanying face covering, are required to play. In addition to this, we recommend that you wear loose fitting clothing consisting of pants, a long sleeve shirt, and closed shoes. Any additional protection is allowed but optional.


The BB's used must be between .20 to .31 grams. The only exception to this rule is long ranged snipers, which may use .41 gram BB's under the assumption they will be firing from distances of 100 feet or greater. Metal BB's are strictly prohibited.

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns used in play must adhere to our muzzle velocity policy, which is as follows.

  • For BB's weighing .20 to .25 grams the muzzle velocity must not exceed 400 feet per second or 325 feet per second for close quarters combat.

  • For BB's weighing .25 to .31 grams the muzzle velocity must not exceed 350 feet per second or 325 feet per second in close quarters combat.

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